On January 14 we released our brand new range for the 2020 Season. Our new range comes with softs that have better protection with even less weight. More comfort will mean more runs, a batsman who is comfortable in his equipment will be comfortable at the crease. If you are comfortable at the crease, that means that you will be the one in control, if you are in control it means that you are dictating play. By being able to dictate play it means that you will be able to help you team win more games in the season and effectively you will have score a lot of runs in your season. So by having equipment that is unbelievably comfortable will lead to you having the season of your life, you never know, you may even be move up in the ranks and become your clubs MVP for the season.

Our new softs for the 2020 season are not just ultra light but they are also super soft. Our Pro Duffle bag for the new season comes with a lovely new modern design with bat holders on the inside of the bag as well as a fair few pockets for easy and more storage space. So we can now pack even more in our duffle bags which will still be easy and ideal top just pop on you bag and head over to the ground on a Saturday, making our lives easier, who does not like something that helps make life easier?

To view and Pre-order our 2020 range just simply scroll up to our menu bar and then under the title '2020 Range' you will find a world of new designs and equipment. Photos of the 2020 are all temporary and are workshop edited, you will see that the 20% have already been applied to all products, please remember that these prices are subject to the month of January 2020 only. If you order and pay before the end of January 2020, you will receive 20% Discount on all softs and bats. We are very excited about out 2020 range as we have brand new designs as well as the latest technology in our equipment. So, hurry and get you 20% discount now. Order online or simply phone the office or our Sales and Marketing Manager, Justin on 07721 866856. You can even drop us on email on info@wombatcricket.co.uk. 

Also be sure to look out for our new range of bats which will be released later this month. 

Below you will see a few examples of some of our latest and modern designs that feature in a brand new 2020 range.

Lets also not forget that every pre-order softs or bats sold in January, we will be donating money to help the Australian wildlife who are affect by the terrible bushfires.

Vision 2020 Batting Gloves